Everything You Need to Know About the Poker99 Online Series

If you’re looking for a smaller subscription festival over the next month, Poker99 does it right. With subscription fees starting from just € 0.25, the Dewapoker Online Series comes with a guaranteed € 1,000,000 across 132 events.

This month-long festival starts on September 18 and runs through October 14, culminating in the Poker99 Open Online 2020 with four separate events listed as part of the public schedule.

Poker99 is open online

Included as part of the Poker Online series, dewapoker99 Open Online contains four separate events culminating in a € 250,000 GTD main event with a € 1,100 subscription.

Overall leaderboard

Players will earn points for the overall leaderboard by competing in low, medium or high tournaments, excluding Nano events. Players will earn one point for each tournament they play, with additional points available for players who are ranked first in the top 17% of a particular tournament.

Poker99 Online Series

Leaderboard formula

The number of points you receive is determined by our gallery of all formulas which takes into account the entry fee, the number of players and your position. Everything is calculated and added automatically as shown below

Omaha Poker

The more you play poker, the more you hear about Omaha Poker, a game you have to play to get the best action and challenge the best players.

In the last 10 years, Omaha Poker has become one of the most popular forms of poker. Some have even suggested that Omaha Poker (PLO to be precise) is on track to bypass Texas Hold’em and become the most played game in the world.

Part of the game’s success has to do with the rules. As with most poker games, the basics of Omaha Poker are the same as those of Texas Hold’em – meaning that if you know how to play one of them, you’re in a good place to play the other.

When it comes to Omaha Poker, there are different sub-variants, each with its own characteristics and player base assigned to it.

Pocket Poker 10

The pocket score (10.10) is the highest among the middle pairs in poker but not strong enough to beat the face cards, so it is always very difficult to deal with. If we take a look at our list of the top ten best poker99 hands, TNT, as it is called, will definitely come in the middle. They were strong and only taken over on the edge 4-1.